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Second degree (okuden) practitioner received attunements through the Dr Mikao Usui lineage.

Reiki is Japanese for “Universal life energy”

Rei = Life, Spirit or Universal

Ki = Energy

It is a safe and natural hands-on energy healing therapy.

It is not bound by any religion, but channels the energy that exists in the universe, the life force that flows through us (through pathways known as chakras/ meridians/ nadis) around us (energy field called an aura) and all non-living things. Anyone can receive Reiki.


A gentle and effective non-invasive complementary therapy. Promoting healing, harmony and wellbeing on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Reiki energy flows freely and goes to where it needs to go, restoring inner balance to enable optimum good health and wellbeing. 


Reiki is complementary to other therapies and existing medical treatment with no side effects or contra-indications, and will enhance their effectiveness. It does not guarantee a cure nor is it a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.

How Does Reiki Heal?


The life force flows through the physical body nourishing the organs and cells of the body supporting them in their vital roles. Life force is sensitive to conscious or unconscious, physical and emotional disruption. When this energy is disrupted it causes disharmony or imbalance which leads to diminished function.


Reiki heals by flowing through affected parts of the energy field, charging them with positive energy.  This raises the vibratory level of the energy field around the physical body causing the negative energy to fall  away. Reiki clears, straightens and heals pathways to allow the life force to flow naturally to regulate everything from the cellular function to the nervous system.


By having regular sessions, you can enhance the wonderful feeling of Alignment, Equilibrium and Balance.  


You do not have to have any specific ailments or conditions to receive the benefits of Reiki.

Benefits of Reiki


Reiki promotes healing, provides relaxation, peace, well-being and security. Wonderful 


Calms, relaxes and grounds the nervous system.

Restores, refreshes and boosts energy throughout the body.

Removes energy blockages.

Promotes healing of chronic conditions.

Aligns chakras.

Accelerates repair of bone tissue.

Receive intuitive messages.

Soothes physical sensations.


Receiving Reiki


You will be required to complete a confidential medical questionnaire and consent form.


You will be asked to remove shoes, watch, glasses and loosen belts or tight clothing if more comfortable, but remain fully clothed. 


You will be asked to lie on a couch or can receive seated Reiki. The main thing is for you to feel comfortable.


I will gently move my hands on or just above your body to encourage the healthy Reiki flow. 


Most people will feel sensations such as heat, tingle or sometimes a coolness in their body; this is very unique to the individual.  Some may see colours, feel emotional as they release “trapped emotions/stuff” or even fall asleep!  Some people may not feel anything, there is no right or wrong way to receive Reiki.  Be confident that Reiki flows where it needs to go. It is usually a very pleasant experience, promoting deep relaxation and gently releases stress.


After the session you will be assisted to carefully and slowly sit up and advised to drink plenty of water and listen to what your body needs, eg take rest or action. I will provide you with an After care information sheet.


Most people will feel very relaxed and peaceful following the treatment, and you may feel tired or full of energy.  Reiki can bring up emotions as part of the healing process, and some people can experience headaches, cold or flu-like symptoms.  These will be of short duration.


Most clients will receive some form of benefit from the treatment, however there are no guarantees.  Often the benefits from the relaxation, improves sleep and helps stress to be gently released.

Distant Reiki


Reiki energy can travel across time, space and distance; to a person, place or event; past, present or future. It is intelligent, always working for your highest and best good, flowing exactly to where it is needed.  This means you can receive Reiki anywhere in the world;  ideal for busy people unable to attend in person, those who would prefer to be in the comfort of their own home or are based too far to travel.


The Reiki energy in a distant session is just as powerful as if received in person. As with in-person Reiki, every session is unique and similar sensations can be experienced.  Relax and enjoy It is a lovely way to experience the benefits of when your energies are in Alignment, Equilibrium and Balance!


Receiving Distant Reiki


Once a session has been scheduled, you will be required to complete a confidential medical questionnaire and consent form.  


I will require a photograph of yourself, location and any intention you have of what you wish the session to support (eg physical or health issue, goal or challenge) which I can use to connect with you to perform the session. It is beneficial for you to set an intention to embrace the Reiki energy as to be open to healing on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


The session will last approximately 30 mins.  Ideally you should be in a receptive state, in a quiet space where you can be uninterrupted.  Ensure your phone is off or not with you so that it is out of your aura (energy field).   You may wish to play some gentle background music. It can be helpful to be lying down or sitting comfortably and take some deep breaths before the session is due to start.  Have a blanket incase you feel cold.  You may fall asleep during the session, just allow yourself to do what happens naturally.   


Once the session has finished, rest and listen to your body.  Take it easy as you may feel tired, or you may be energised.  Please make sure you drink plenty of water. I will email you with an After care information sheet. I will contact you following the session for a two-way feedback.

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